Prophecy in Motion

Studio G-DCAST is a unique arts residency that will bring twelve college or graduate students together for a week of digital Jewish storytelling . The residency will combine the artistic exchange of an open studio with traditional methods of Jewish study. Animators and storytellers will be matched in chevrutas—study pairs—to co-create one wildly imaginative art piece. Each pair will work on their own story, retelling it G-DCAST style in a three-minute animated episode.

The five-day residency will include sessions with various master teachers in the arts, Jewish texts, and museum studies. On the last day, we’ll invite the public to a works-in-progress screening of the films, featuring your work.

Studio G-DCAST is a great opportunity for young artists, offering professional development and mentorship for emerging writers, poets, singer/songwriters and animators. Residents will complete the program with an outstanding new portfolio piece that we’ll feature on the G-DCAST website and throughout our distribution network of thousands of classrooms.

Studio G-DCAST will take place August 12th-17th at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in the heart of San Francisco. We will provide a travel stipend to get you here, plus room and board while you’re in town. Click here to learn more and apply.