Wisdom in Motion: Exploring the Proverbial Proverb with Studio G-dcast

In addition to live performances, workshops and networking, attendees were also treated to a workshop run by the staff of G-dcast, titled “Wisdom in Motion: Exploring the Proverbial Proverb with Studio G-dcast.” Over the course of two sessions, participants studied in chevruta, learned the basics of stop-motion technology, got their hands dirty as they molded clay, and ultimately created a set of original and delightful animated videos, using a list of Jewish proverbs complied by Alicia Jo Rabins, as their prompts.

As a special pre-Shavuot treat, we are excited to now share these edited films with you. A hearty thank you to Sarah Lefton, Jeremy Shuback, Alicia Jo Rabins and Lisa Finkelstein for their wisdom and expertise, and for the great work they did editing these films.

Check out the animation here.

See the full list of proverbs here.

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