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Anyone involved with Jewish education in North America is welcome to submit a nomination for the Covenant Awards. We encourage nominations from community members and professionals of all religious denominations and from all institutional frameworks. No one may nominate more than one person for a Covenant Award in any one year. We will not consider any candidates who are self-nominated or nominated by a family member (e.g., parent, child, sibling, or spouse). Only one nomination per candidate will be accepted.

Educators at any stage of their careers with significant achievements in the field of Jewish education are eligible to be nominated for a Covenant Award. Please note, however, that the Award is only given to people currently active in the field and is not used to mark the conclusion of a career. Educators working in any setting in North America are eligible to receive a Covenant Award, with the exception of those educators teaching primarily in a college, seminary, or university setting for credit. Administrators, executives or professionals in other managerial roles who do not spend the majority of their time in an educator/practitioner role, will not be considered for the Award. Educators working and living in Israel are not eligible for a Covenant Award. Preference is given to candidates who have been in the field for more than 10 years.

To be considered for a Covenant Award, a completed Award dossier must demonstrate that the candidate is an exceptional Jewish educator who has had a significant impact on others; has contributed creatively to advancing the transmission of Jewish knowledge, values, and identity; and is a positive role model.

Educators whose dossiers were first considered for the 2022 or 2023 Awards will be reconsidered automatically for the 2024 Awards. Nominees with complete dossiers who are still eligible, and who do not wish to be considered this year, should notify the Foundation as soon as possible. The Foundation also allows the re-nomination of Award nominees who were considered for the 2021 Awards or before (nominated in or before 2021). These materials should include a new Statement of Nomination, new Biographical Information, new Statements of Motivation and Purpose, and new Letters of Support. Candidates may contact The Covenant Foundation if they have any questions about their status.

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