The Covenant Foundation Jewish Family Education Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the Family Education Fellowship. The application process is now closed.

Jewish family education has enormous potential for enriching Jewish communities, but only if we enrich the field itself.

The Covenant Foundation has long been invested in the potential for Jewish family education. Former Executive Director of The Covenant Foundation, Harlene Winnink Appelman, z”l, was herself a family educator. This fellowship was launched in 2023 to honor her legacy and carry on the bold, visionary work required to build the field of Jewish family education for generations to come. Learn more about our inaugural fellow, Jonathan Shmidt Chapman, here.

Now approaching our second year, The Covenant Foundation is accepting applications for the next Jewish Family Education Fellow to share their insight and enthusiasm to help us build on this critical work.

What is the opportunity?

The Covenant Foundation’s Jewish Family Education Fellowship honors an outstanding Jewish family education professional, giving them the time, space, and kavod required to nurture and grow bold ideas that enrich the field.

The fellow will receive:

  • A $50,000 Fellowship Grant and travel budget
  • Support from The Covenant Foundation’s team to inform and enrich your work
  • Access to a broad network of outstanding leaders in Jewish education
  • A platform for publishing
What does it mean to be a fellow?

The Covenant Foundation Jewish Family Education Fellow becomes a true partner with Covenant in advancing the field of Jewish family education. Over the course of one year, the fellow will:

  • Research and Design: The fellow should have a big dream for Jewish family education, and be ready to explore the research and the realities of Jewish families today, that will inform how that dream can come to life.
  • Create and Innovate: Learning and doing go hand-in-hand. The fellow won’t just research, but will test new approaches for learning and engagement strategies that will benefit Jewish families across the country.
  • Network and Share: Innovation happens in relationship. The fellow will connect with leaders in Jewish education, becoming integrated with the Foundation’s extensive network (including, but not limited to, grantee organizations, Covenant Award recipients, and Pomegranate Prize recipients).
  • Reflect and Influence: We learn by reflecting on experience; we influence by sharing those reflections with others. The fellow will grow their thought leadership by writing about their insights for Sight Line (The Covenant Foundation’s digital journal) and other prominent publications.
Who should apply?

Educators working in any nonprofit, academic, or Jewish education setting in North America are eligible to apply.

Applicants must:

  • Have strong writing skills
  • Have significant, demonstrated experience and expertise in Jewish family engagement as a practice and/or a field of study
  • Bring an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to their work
  • Approach their efforts with generosity of spirit, and the ability to be both self-directed and collaborative
  • Have a master’s degree or higher (preferred, but not required)

Note that participating in this fellowship is not compatible with a full-time position — the fellow should expect to spend 20 hours/week on these activities. The goals and expectations of the fellowship` are best met in combination with a sabbatical year or part-time/freelance employment.

The innovative programming and initiatives the fellow develops are intended to be broadly applicable. They should have potential for significant impact on Jewish communities across the country, well beyond the walls of the fellow’s current organization or any single institution.

The Jewish Family Education Fellowship is one crucial piece of a much bigger effort to enrich the field of Jewish family education. We are eager to meet our next partner in this work.

Have questions? Contact us here.

Applications are due to The Covenant Foundation by 2:00pm ET on January 22, 2024. All documents should be sent as attachments to with the applicant’s full name in the subject line of the email message. All documents should be in .doc or .docx format.

  • Résumé – Please send a current version of your résumé.
  • Biographical Form – Please fill out the form and return it.

Please note: The Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Statement of Intent should be submitted together in one document.

  • Vision Statement
    • Up to 500 words (double spaced, 12-point font) – We are interested in understanding your “big picture” vision for the field of family education/engagement.
      • What are your dreams for the field?
      • What resources would you like to see available for families to enhance what is currently happening in the field?
  • Mission Statement
    • 700 – 1000 words (double spaced, 12-point font) – Tell us about your background and experiences that have led you to this point.
      • Why is Jewish family education your focus? When did you first identify your commitment to doing this work?
        • Tell us about your background in Jewish education.
        • Tell us about your connection to any other related disciplines (for example, early childhood) if relevant.
      • Please describe the pedagogical approach that frames your work.
      • Please tell us about of one of your proudest moments related to your work in Jewish education.
      • Tell us about a mentor who has had a powerful influence on you and/or your work.
      • Tell us about an experience that changed the way you approach your work.
      • Please give one example of a collaborative professional experience where you learned something valuable from your project partner(s).
  • Statement of Intent
    • 700 – 1000 words (double spaced, 12-point font) – Tell us about your interest in the Fellowship opportunity:
      • What brings you to apply for the Family Education Fellowship Grant? Where are you now in your career that makes this the right moment?
      • Tell us about the project you would like to work on over the 12 months of the Fellowship:
        • Please describe the project and how the idea first came to you.
        • What would “success” look like at the end of the Fellowship Grant Period?
        • Beyond financial assistance, what types of support from The Covenant Foundation will be most needed for your project to be successful?
        • What product will you develop by the end of the year?
        • How will you use what you learn and produce over the course of the year in your work moving forward?
      • What contributions do you anticipate making to the field of family education?
      • How would you like to partner with educators and academics to share your vision and learn from their work?

Selection Procedures and Notification

All completed applications will undergo a process of peer review. During the selection process, The Covenant Foundation may request additional information from applicants. The Covenant Foundation will notify the applicant selected for the Fellowship and all other applicants by May 31, 2024.

Please contact The Covenant Foundation with any questions you have regarding the application process:

Step 1: Fill out the form and submit.
Step 2: Download application here.

Applications are due to The Covenant Foundation by January 22, 2024, 2:00 pm EST. All documents should be sent as attachments to with the applicant’s full name in the subject line of the email message. All documents should be in .doc or .docx format.

Step 3: Please download the biographical information form here to return with your essays and your résumé.

The Covenant Foundation is not requesting Letters of Support from Fellowship Applicants at this time.