The Covenant Grants

Ziv Partners in Tzedakah Program

Organization: Ziv Tzedakah Fund Inc., Millburn, NJ

Grant Year: 2000

Project Director: Ms. Naomi Eisenberger

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $65,000 (2 years)


Community Connections
Informal Education
Social Justice

To pilot a program to create mitzvah-oriented communities through training and interaction among mitzvah heroes, Ziv staff, and community members.

Mitzvah heroes are teachers of mitzvot, tzedakah, and Tikkun Olam. In December 2001 the organization held its first Mitzvah Heroes Conference, to which the entire Rhode Island Jewish community was invited and given the opportunity to interact with mitzvah heroes. This was a conference-without-walls,” wherein mitzvah heroes were sent over Shabbat to speak in different synagogues and at the Brown University Hillel and then presented sessions on Sunday. The conference included training and formal learning as well as active participation in a mitzvah project.

After this initial conference, they held successful conferences with other regions as they spread the mitzvah heroes to those areas. These conferences were an opportunity for the members of communities to meet and learn with the mitzvah heroes.

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