The Covenant Grants

There’s No Place Like Home

Organization: Society for the Advancement of Judaism, New York, NY

Grant Year: 2006

Project Director: Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $10,300 (1 year)


Adult Education

This was a pilot program of webcasting Jewish education courses for parents in the congregation. The goal was to bring educational opportunities right to parents, using the newest technology of webinars. This would allow parents to learn, remotely, with others in the community, in the comfort of their own home and without the expense of a babysitter.

The grant funded a one-year experiment to use webcasting to offer an adult education class to an audience that was unable to attend that class in the synagogue. By offering it online, participants were able to take the course from their home. Two courses were offered: a walkthrough of Friday night rituals, and how to be a mensch. Each course consisted of one live webcast a week for three to four weeks.

While the target population was Hebrew school parents who could not easily attend an evening synagogue class, the project ultimately reached a more diverse audience.

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