The Covenant Grants

Preparing Avocational Parent Teachers for a Supplementary School: A Model for Small Jewish Communities

Organization: Orange County Bureau of Jewish Education, Costa Mesa, CA

Grant Year: 1994

Project Director: Joan Kaye

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $195,885 (5 years)


After School Programs
Professional Development

To recruit, develop curricula, and offer teaching workshops for the communities’ avocational teachers.

The first stage of this project focused on recruitment and intensive training of two avocational teachers for each of seven congregations. These teachers were supported by veteran teachers who were trained as mentors, principals, and school committees examining their goals and developing mission statements.

The second stage focused on providing quality Jewish learning to close to 150 religious school teaches. Nine congregations joined together to form a professional development network that would share resources and learning opportunities. These congregations opened their classes up to all teachers in the Network and created a catalogue of 32 total courses.

In the third stage of the project, the courses were fine-tuned, targeting the specific needs of the teachers. The grantee also began implementing intensive work with three of the participating congregations.

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