The Covenant Grants

Passport to Peoplehood

Organization: Be’chol Lashon, San Francisco, CA

Grant Year: 2015

Project Director: Ruth Abusch-Magder

Type of Grant: Ignition

Grant Amount: $20,000 (1 years)


Social Justice

To develop and expand the reach of its Passport to Peoplehood (P2P) program.

Passport to Peoplehood (P2P) is an educational resource that strengthens Jewish identity by expanding children’s awareness of themselves in relation to the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jews around the world. P2P highlights inclusion, diversity and connection as essential to Judaism, providing basic building blocks for not only instilling Jewish pride and values, but also gaining cultural competency in an increasingly global world.

Through this grant, Be’chol Lashon developed Passport to Peoplehood and made these resources accessible to hundreds of educators in a variety of settings. The pedagogy underlying Passport to Peoplehood emerged from the success of Be’chol Lashon’s educational experience at Camp Be’chol Lashon (CBL). Each day is devoted to ‘travelling’ to a Jewish community around the world and engaging in the art, dance, music, cooking and history that represent each unique culture, as well as emphasizing the shared values that connect all Jews, such as Shabbat and welcoming strangers.

Be’chol Lashon explored how to expand and implement Passports to Peoplehood by: 1) offering on-line units that can be adapted to a variety of education settings; 2) Creating additional vehicles that allow Jews of various backgrounds to tell their stories including video clips; and 3) Teacher training to facilitate identity exploration around race and ethnicity.

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