The Covenant Grants

Kehilliyot Da’at: A CoP Meta Community for Jewish Professionals

Organization: Knowledge Communities, Cambridge, MA

Grant Year: 2006

Project Director: Ms. Naava Frank

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $195,000 (3.5 years)


Community Connections
Professional Development

To advance the implementation of communities of practice in national Jewish umbrella organizations that promote Jewish education and heritage.

Kehilliyot Da’at was designed by Knowledge Communities to provide specialized resources to build the capacities of national Jewish umbrella organizations that promote Jewish education and heritage to launch and sustain communities of practice (CoPs) in their respective communities. These CoPs are places where Jewish professionals meet to gain support, continue to grow their skills, and strengthen their practice.

This project demonstrated some of the factors that contribute to the successful creation and evolution of a CoP. These factors include establishing a sense of purpose and direction, defining and continuing to grow the particular roles of participants and facilitators, balancing relationships through large and small group structures, managing the use of technology while maximizing its efficacy, and ongoing evaluation.

Through this program, the Kehilliyot Da’at CoPs were able to impact participants by advancing their technological skills, improving their ability to manage and facilitate CoPs, and allowing them access to broad and ongoing professional development.

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