The Covenant Grants

Induction Toolkit Development Project

Organization: Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education, Waltham, MA

Grant Year: 2008

Project Director: Ms. Vivian Troen

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $200,000 (4 years)


Professional Development

To help a group of day schools in small Jewish communities build the capacity to support, develop, and retain new teachers in ways that promote the ongoing development of all teachers.

Through this program, the Mandel Center has helped school leaders in a diverse set of day schools create the conditions to help new teachers thrive. The Center works helps build the capacity of schools to develop new teachers and creates tools and resources for school leaders to foster strong induction in their schools.

From this grant emerged the Teacher Learning Toolkit, which is an interactive, online resource designed to systematically support school leaders in their efforts to promote ongoing teacher learning for both novice and veteran teachers.

Resources available in the Toolkit include:

Standards for school-based induction
Modules for Leadership Teams
Launching a Mentoring Program
Modules for Mentor Study Groups
Modules for New Teacher Study Groups
Video cases for Mentor Study Groups
Teaching Cases
Coach/Induction Leader Resources

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