The Covenant Grants

Community Talmud Circle Online

Organization: Lehrhaus Judaica, Berkeley, CA

Grant Year: 2012

Project Director: Dr. Jehon Grist

Type of Grant: Ignition

Grant Amount: $14,700 (1 year)


Community Connections

Lehrhaus Judaica, through the Community Talmud Circle Online project, developed an online learning component for the organization’s Community Talmud Circle program.

Community Talmud Circle uses curriculum developed by Adin Steinsaltz’ Aleph Society, a stellar faculty, and partner sites covering the entire San Francisco Bay Area. This project was conceived to increase student/teacher communication. Talmud Circle Online was designed to integrate a once a month synchronous web-assisted learning/discussion session into the program. This will happen between face-to-face sessions and create more student-teacher interactions. Additionally, the live sessions were offered virtually as well, so students who could not participate in person could join remotely.

When the program began, Lehrhaus Judaica saw mixed results in terms of live participation. However, downloads and playbacks of the recorded sessions were noteworthy. As a result, Lehrhaus Judaica has used those recorded sessions to build a library of over 20 recorded webinars, which are actively utilized.

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