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A Jewish Learning Innovation Corps: A Proof-of- Concept at Edah

Organization: Edah, Berkeley, CA

Grant Year: 2014

Project Director: Mr. Oren J. Massey

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $150,000 (3 years)


After School Programs
Informal Education

To develop, pilot, and implement a proof-of-concept of a Jewish Learning Innovation Corps, which will foster a new generation of Jewish learning experience designers and facilitators who will have the will and skill to design and facilitate high quality, content-rich Jewish learning experiences for youth and families.

This two-year program will provide intensive professional learning opportunities that happen alongside (such as seminars) and within (such as practicums) the learning experiences offered to Edah children and families.

Edah’s practice-based training model focuses on content integral to Edah’s pedagogical philosophy including: Experiential/immersive learning experiences, Philosophical Inquiry, Responsive Teaching, Project-Based Learning, Concordia World Language Immersion Approach, Hebrew through Movement, Hebrew Side-by-Side, and Non-violent Communication. Professional development methods include seminars (both in person and on-line) and mentorship, as well as learning-by-doing. They will participate in lesson-study, mentoring, and coaching with peers, program leaders, and experts.

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