ARTICLE The New Class: Interviews with the 2021 Covenant Grantees

Each year, The Covenant Foundation gives grants to Jewish educators, to fund the most creative, promising and exciting ideas in the field. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1991, we have shared details about those grant projects on our website and in select articles right here in Sight Line, Covenant’s online journal.

But now, for the first time, we’re taking an even deeper look at every 2021 grantee at the very start of their grant cycle. This article will share details about the inspired ideas that led to the idea behind each project, and the hopes and dreams of our 2021 project directors. You’ll also find links to learn more. We hope this collection of interviews inspires you, motivates you and maybe even leads you to dream up your own project. Read on!

Interviews conducted and edited by Adina Kay-Gross and Yonah Kirschner

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