The Power of a Spark

"There’s a misconception that a venture must depend on large grants from big donors. It makes more sense and it’s more sustainable to test out an idea, and see whether it has the opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives."

Ariel Beery, founder, PresenTense

"Be willing to try something and fail at it and then move on to something else.”

Aharon Horwitz, founder, PresenTense

Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz know a thing or two about growing an idea from the roots up. As the cofounders of PresenTense, an incubator for social ventures launched in 2005, they have helped to launch over 400 startups in 46 countries by seeking small seed investments, doing multiple rounds of testing, and encouraging “value over image.”

As they wrote in an Op-Ed in Ha’aretz in October of 2007, “The Jewish people can create their own global golden age if they replace the current system of image-driven philanthropy with one based on value-creation and sustainable entrepreneurship.”

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Grant Notes

Covenant Foundation “Ignition Grants,” small-scale grants introduced in 2007, provide seed funding of up to $20,000 for a single year. Created with the idea that a small seed might spark big innovation, Ignition Grants allow organizations to explore new and exciting ideas that are still in the planning stages. Over the past seven years, Ignition Grants have done just that.. Our goal in the volume is to understand the impact of a small-scale funding approach. Here are the results.

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On the Horizon

A spotlight on promising ideas and lessons learned from active grants that have not yet been evaluated. The projects listed here represent the Foundation's most recent completed Ignition grants awarded in 2013.

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