Portals to Jewish Life and Learning

Three Perspectives On Portals, From Three Practitioners in the Field

“Portal” is an apt metaphor for entry points into Jewish life and learning because ultimately we want those experiences to be deeply accessible, experiential and transformative. An encounter with Jewish life should take you on a journey that is profound and surprising…each of us may enter through the same portal but have a completely different experience with what is on the other "side." The possibilities are endless.

“Shabbat dinner is a portal into Jewish life, an invitation to slow down on Friday night, savor a meal, and build enduring relationships. It is personal and communal. It is a ritual that each person creates anew, that can connect a community…It’s not about one prayer or one ritual. It’s about one community that we can all plug in to.”

“Jewish life should be easily accessible, but it should still offer the opportunity for challenge. It should be welcoming to all…We have the difficult and delightful task ahead of us to design a new Beit Midrash; one that beckons all to climb, and strive, and labor and sacrifice…We must keep re-building it, re-designing the portals as we go.”

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