Covenant Classroom: Now is the T.I.M.E

Now Is The T.I.M.E.

The Covenant Classroom means something different to every educator but a common goal is to motivate and increase self-esteem amongst all learners. In this volume, we’ve collected an array of Teachings on Inspiration and Motivation in all areas of Education.

“Our unmotivated students can become our most motivated when we create an environment that doesn’t force them to choose who they are, but rather celebrates them being both this and that.”

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“This is how I see a “Covenant Classroom”: a place where challenging topics are passionately discussed; a place where complex ancient texts are grappled with; a place in which self- esteem grows, and motivation to learn increases exponentially because of it. An environment in which each Jewish soul is given the confidence to continue the eternal search for meaning.”

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“I’ve learned that giving children the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings symbolically is much more effective for Kindergarteners. When they use art materials and found objects to engage with the text, and share their creations with one another, new and deeper understandings emerge.”

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Now Is The T.I.M.E. Watch and learn!

Taking risks, being imaginative, tacking global human rights issues, working toward inclusion: watch as five outstanding educators offer inspiration and motivation on a wide range of topics.

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