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  • Why Sight Line?

    Sight Line is a digital journal brought to you by The Covenant Foundation. It offers information for and about the field of Jewish education in its broadest definition and is intended to evoke conversation and create an opportunity for action.

    Why at this time has the Foundation embarked on this endeavor? Two years ago The Covenant Foundation released a Sustainability and Impact Study designed to illustrate how initiatives it funded from 2000-2007 had fared. Were these initiatives still in place at least five years after their funding had ended? If they weren’t in place writ large, was there still evidence that the project had taken place, or had it entirely disappeared? Board and staff of the Foundation were pleased with the results: 75% of these investments were either intact or a visible footprint was still in place. The report was both distributed in hard copy and housed digitally at www.covenantfn.org. It was also sent to the Berman Archives.

    However, the perennial question when such studies are released is “What are you going to do with the information?” Too often, not enough is done, or worse, nothing at all.

    Results and information don't belong at the bottom of a pile of reports. Instead, we've compiled Sight Line, a digital journal that will be released every two months, situating grant results in the context of the field of Jewish education today.

    Sight Line includes interviews of esteemed practitioners and their reactions to and dreams for the field going forward, multimedia we've collected for each grant which serves as a visual representation of how the initiative has evolved, and select links that allow one to delve even deeper into a topic. There will also be a section entitled On the Horizon, which will showcase lessons learned or use-cases from current active grants.

    The inaugural volume of Sight Line looks at New Jewish Texts, while future issues will tackle the Covenant Classroom, the Power of a Spark, Arts in Jewish Education, and the role of technology.

    As the journal evolves, we will invite guest editors to add their own perspectives and resources to each successive chapter.

    It is our hope that Sight Line will be used by Jewish educators and idea champions, both professional and lay, to create discussion that may well lead to change. We look forward to your reactions and suggestions and we encourage you to join us as we consider the future of Jewish education, while we continue to engage and nurture the present.

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