National Ramah Commission, through The Ramah Fellows Program: Ramah-Style Immersive Learning in Conservative Synagogues through a Community Service Initiative planned the launch of a national community service program, engaging post-college Ramah alumni as embedded emissaries in synagogue communities.

Ignition Grantee Reflections: Impacts and Learnings

“Where are we now, what did we accomplish, and what have we learned?”

“It has been invigorating, taking an aspect of the Ramah experience and extending our mission outside of summer camping. How do we leverage our success to help other aspects of the Jewish community? It has been sustaining for us to hear that what Ramah does is special, but, moreover, learning what is right about Ramah leads to important critical comments to make camp better and to think in new ways to extend the experience throughout the year. Now, our mission is camps and Israel programs within camps – day, family, overnight, special needs and Israel. The Board of the National Commission and the individual camps are completely supportive and encouraging [of the possible expansion].”

—Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, Project Director